Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

What more can we say?!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monumental Weekend

Okay so a few big events happened in our lives this weekend. First off the Red Sox won the Series so Wahoo!!!!! I'm sure my dad is walking on cloud 9 (We are pretty pleased ourselves.).

Secondly, we went to our very first sheep parade! There was a parade on Main Street in Cedar and it was basically all cowboys, farmers, and their animals. They even had 'Ms. Rodeo Queen 2007' and the Rodeo princesses on horseback there (which is basically a horse riding beauty pageant!)! It was the epitamy of Southern Utah! Brighton was loving it! The grand finale was about 1000 sheep barrelling down the road! It was really funny to watch. We love the fact that Cedar is Festival City USA! One reason being there is always a crazy parade like this one going on about every other weekend! There's never a dull moment here!

Lastly but definitely not leastely (not a word I'm sure), Brighton went to her first day of Nursery at church all by herself! It was hard to see her go, but it was definitely time. Before we were out the door, she was playing with someone and didn't even turn around to say goodbye! Am I the only one having serious issues with my child growing up?! It makes me so sad to see her grow so fast, but at the same time it gets me excited for the stages she's going through. Life is crazy. Crazy but good.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fever Pitch

We just wanted to say that we couldn't be happier the Sox are in the World Series! It's still a little too big for her, but we couldn't resist putting Brighton in her Red Sox dress that Auntie Cyn got for her (Thanks Auntie Cyndi!) and showing it off for all to see! We go to our clubhouse that has a gym (and Cable TV) and watch the games. Kyle and I have been sporting as much Red Sox paraphernalia this week with many eye glares coming our way, but we don't mind because we have that Boston pride! Hopefully they'll take it all! GO Sox!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mommy's Little Chef

I had to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for my ward enrichment the other day and Brighton is at the age where it is impossible to do anything in the kitchen by myself, so I plopped her on the counter and she absolutely loved helping mommy mix the batter. She thought she was so cool being up so high and being able to be in on the action. She was quite the helper and would say "mi, mi, mi" when she got excited about mixing. It's crazy how much she's picking up on a daily basis! She's getting to be such a fun age! I just wish she'd stop growing so fast!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sleepy Sunday and Harvest Monday

Well, as a little recap, we a great family weekend. On Sunday we went to church just like any other Sunday and Brighton normally takes her nap right after church ends, but she was super hungry so we thought we'd feed her a little bit before we put her down. Well not even 2 minutes after she was in her high chair while we were getting our lunch ready, we found a sleepy child. She zonked in the chair! She couldn't even keep her eyes open. We thought it was hilarious! Maybe you had to be there, but it was quite funny to us and I knew I had to document it.
Anyway, then on Monday since Kyle had it off because of a thing called Harvest Break (Which is actually just an excuse to get an extra day off for the first hunting weekend of the season here. Everyone in Southern Utah is obsessed with hunting! I daresay it's worse than Alaska!), we packed up and headed out to the pumpkin patch in Paragonah for Brighton's first Jack-o-lantern picking excursion! She loved walking in the pumpkin field and pointing at all the pumpkins, but I'm sad to say that the red dirt was a little more enticing to her. She was filthy by the time we got back in the car. It was still a fun a experience though and I love this time of season when orange pumpkins and yellow leaves are all around! It's a great time to make some great mems!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Night Time Rituals

Brighton has been loving her night time habits lately which makes life a lot nicer for us! Here is a run down of her evening....First Kyle gives her a bath which takes at least an hour as she loves to play. Then he lotions her up and puts her PJs on. But after that comes the exciting part. We get out the brushes and she squeals with delight saying "Buh! Buh" (which translated means brush). She gets one and Kyle gets one and she thinks it's so cool to brush her own hair, although she rarely touches a strand with the actuals bristles. She sometimes even tries to brush mommy and daddy's hair, always making sure to be gentle (She's a very sensitive girl). After our brushing fun is done, we say "Where are the scriptures?" and she runs for her special Book of Mormon board book and we read a story. Next we say " Say good night to Jesus." and she runs to this picture we have of him, squats down and lays a wet one on the portrait. It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Lastly, we say our prayers and she can actually say Amen. Then it's to bed she goes. No tears. No screaming. And it's pure relaxation for mommy and daddy until morning time. What a great little girl we have!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Super Cute Claire

This post is a little late, but we just wanted to congratulate our good friends Kirsten and Aaron Henscheid on their new arrival! Kirsten was my roommate in college and we've been the best of friends ever since! Now we're both married and our husbands get along great so we're still close. They lived in AK for a summer while we were there so we had a blast together. Now they live in Montana and we miss seeing them! Anyway, Claire Jane Henscheid came into the world on Sept. 28th and we couldn't be happier for them! Isn't she one of the cutest babies you've ever seen?! We can't wait to see the little bundle of joy in person and hope that that time comes soon!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lil' B in da' house

This morning Kyle thought it would be funny to put a bandana on Brighton so now we have a thug baby on our hands! My dad always talks like a gangster to Brighton and his favorite thing to say to her is "Lil' B in da' house!" Well this pic is for her G'pops. Doesn't she fit the part of a rapper thug now?!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Domestic Hermit

Okay so to tell the truth, the reason I've been such a hermit and haven't even turned my computer on in days is because I have been working on a few projects and once I start something, I don't sleep or eat or basically do anything until I'm done. I realize this is probably a bad habit, but I just can't help it! So anyway, due to our lack of funds because we're still students, I've been trying my hand at sewing versus buying things such as curtains and couch covers. Last week I pumped out these curtains for Brighton's room after I found the material for a steal at Wal-Mart. They weren't too difficult so I thought I could figure out how to cover our polyester orange-made-in-the-70's chairs that we got for free. Well, to be honest it was a little tougher than I'd imagined but they turned out alright and now we can have guest over without being embarrassed that we live in a hippie house. So there you have it. By the end of the week I felt truly domestic. But I think I'll take a break from my domestic lifestyle for a little while. I've got way too many puncture wounds on my hands from all the pins I used! Oh and there's a little eye-candy of Brighton and her daddy up top to satisfy your lil B needs.!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Provo Showers

I again apologize for the posts that are so few and far between but it feels like my days go by in rapid speed and by the time I even turn the computer on, I'm too pooped to do anything but check my email and plop into bed! Okay, so updates. We went to Provo this last weekend to visit all of Kyle's family and watch Will's (Kyle's little brother) football game (which they won an Will did great!). His sister Sarah was in town and she is very pregnant and no one threw her a baby shower, so all the sisters decided to throw one! We had a great time and since a lot of Kyle's cousins are at BYU, we decided to have a coed cousin party/ baby shower. The guys were a little apprehensive at first, but it ended up being a big get together and everyone enjoyed it. I met some of Kyle's cousins for the first time too and they were great! It was a blast! Oh and I made a diaper cake as a decoration which was fun but a little harder than it needed to be! Oh well, I guess I'll learn for next time!
We ended up staying at Kyle's sister Annie's house with her husband Joe and their boy Landon who is almost a year and it was so fun because Brighton loved playing with Landon all the time. She felt so cool trying to feed him his bink and show him how to walk (He's almost there!)! It was so fun to see them interact! I can't wait until they can actually talk to each other! That'll be interesting!
Also, one last thing that was awesome was that all the sisters (Casey, Keri, Annie, Annie's friend, and I) all got to go to General Relief Society Broadcast at the Conference Center. Annie miracuously got 5 tickets to go to it and it was AMAZING! Oddly enough it started raining and snowing on the way to Salt Lake, but we were determined to get there. Just to be there in the center and to see the prophet and to feel the spirit there was out of this world! I think we decided to make it a tradition to go together because it was quite the experience! Well, there you have it. You're updated! I'll try and be better, but who knows when busy life will die down?!