Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brighton's New Bed

Things haven't been too eventful down here in southern Utah, but I have been doing a few things to spruce up Brighton's room (soon-to-be shared with baby bro). She has been so excited about getting a big girl bed so I wanted to make everything look nice in her room so she'd really feel like a big girl. Yes, I said she has an actual bed and she is loving every minute of it! Thanks so much to ikea for making the perfect size for her. Anyway, I made her a bedspread to match her curtains I made a while ago along with some wall decorations that I made thanks to the dollar store. I was kinda proud, so I thought I'd share and you can tell by the look on lil B's face, she's pretty proud of her bed too. The only problem now is turning the other side of the room blue when you-know-who comes!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SUU Football Game

Sorry for the delay of posts, but not a whole has been going on in our lives lately. Kyle has been studying like crazy and Brighton and I have been hanging at the park, taking in the last weeks of summer. Nothing too exciting to report. But this past weekend we finally did something new! We went to Kyle's homecoming football game this weekend with Casey and Ty. He had to work at it with his Nursing class to fundraise for graduation so we thought we'd tag along. Unfortunately, they lost the game, but we still had fun. Brighton (oddly enough) really likes football, so she had a blast. She especially liked watching the cheerleaders do stunts (which was my favorite part as well!).
The happy fam enjoying the game
Here's Brighton, Casey, and Ty. Brighton would not sit with anyone else but Aunt Casey.
Here's Kyle being a ham and trying to sell up a storm.
All-in-all, it was a fun night and it was nice to get out of the house as a family!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ocean City

I'm hoping that this will be our last backtrack to Virginia, but who knows. I'm so scatter-brained and I have so many pics on my camera that I might just find something that we did and want to share. Can I just say that I'm grateful we have our computer back?! Anyway, one of the last weeks we were in VA, all the boys were gone, so some of us wives decided to go to the beach for the day. We went to a place called Ocean City. This was Brighton's very first beach experience and I was sad that Kyle had to miss out on it (He's obsessed with water and especially beaches) but was excited to go, seeing as I haven't been since our honeymoon. Well, it was a treat to go! Brighton loved the sand and thought she was so cool hanging out with the big girls. Here is us laying out. This was one of the first times I was able to lay on my stomach all summer because I could dig a whole in the sand for my belly to fit!

Brighton loved to get on the boogie boards and pretend to surf!

She really loved lounging on the towel just like all the other girls. I guess she's starting the whole tanning thing a little young!

This is me and Brighton with some of our friends and fellow APX wives, Megan Russell, Megan McKinley, Haley Barron, and Braxon, her little boy.
There were some people dressed up like Spongebob and Patrick Star and Brighton really wanted to meet them, but when she got close to them, she was pretty scared. You can tell if you look close at the pic. Anyway, after a long day at the beach, we walked down the boardwalk (which is where Spongebob was) and it was a lot of fun. All-in-all, it was a great day and a fun way to spend the last of our east coast trip before packing up and leaving.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Backtrack to Utah

Since I didn't really finish sharing the extent of my first Utah trip ( back when I came to visit for some doctor's appointments), I thought I'd recap a little before I moved on to the now of our lives. First, we were able to see our best friends Clarissa and Pat and Brighton was loving hanging out with her favorite friend Gracie. She still talk about Gracie all the time and I'm sure this probably isn't the best form of parenting, but if I want Brighton to do anything (namely lay down to rinse off in the bath tub or even eat food she doesn't like) I tell her that her friend Gracie does it and she hops to whatever I ask. Gracie is definitely her hero. Here's Brighton with Alli, Gracie, and Kate (Gracie & Alli's Aunt)
They had a little run-around-in-circles party out on Grandma Jo's patio.
Also, we were able to go to 7 peaks in Provo with Casey, Annie, Landon, and her Uncle Will, which was a blast. Brighton was kind of a weenie when it came to going down the water slides, but she loved the wave pool and had a ton of fun with her Uncle Will who was a big help with the little ones. I haven't been to a water park in at least 5 years and I wish we stayed longer! It was SO fun! And surprisely, the belly didn't get in the way on the slides!
Brighton, Uncle Will, and Landon, taking a break from the water.
Casey, Annie, and I, all had a blast!

Anyway, it was actually a great trip and Brighton was such a sport with all the traveling. We really enjoyed seeing all of our friends and family and now we're grateful to be back and close enough to them again!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Kanarraville Falls

We wanted to do something fun for Labor Day with Casey and Ty so we decided to hike the Kanarraville Falls which was a blast! We hiked through water and eventually found these cool falls and awesome rock formations. It was a ton of fun. We are so excited they came to live so close! It was a little rough with the belly but I made it through and it was well worth it. And the weather was perfect which made for a great Labor Day!