Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break... Vegas Style

We've never gone on any type of family vacation before so, this year for Kyle's Spring Break we decided to pack up and spend 2 days in Las Vegas. I know it probably doesn't sound like a great trip for a family with small children, but it actually was really enjoyable and the kids had a good time too! We stayed at the Excalibur hotel which Brighton thought was a "princess castle" so she was in love from the minute we pulled up. We were able to lounge in the pool, eat great buffets, and walk the strip to see all the free night shows. It was a really good time and nice to get away just for a little bit. Here are some pictures to prove the enjoyment!

Us in front of Excalibur

Porter's first pool experience

Pooling it up

The fam in front of the Bellagio at the water show
This was what Porter was doing during the family pic... smiling as usual

The volcano eruption at the Mirage (This one freaked Brighton out!)

Brighton's favorite thing to do was look at the Aquarium in Caesar's Palace.
Going on the trip made us realize that we need to do more family things and enjoy each others' company more!

Friday, March 13, 2009


One of my favorite things we did while up in American Fork, was go out to lunch with one of my close friends, Laura Jessop (Now it's Garn)! I wanted to share a few things about her because she is seriously one of my favorite people. We worked for Holland America Tours on the train in Alaska when we were both single in college. We hit it off so much that when we went back to school (I went to BYU-Idaho and she went to Utah State), we would go and visit each other. In fact, I even went home to Colorado with her for Thanksgiving. We had so many inside jokes and great mems and she was a really big part of my college life. We were such great friends and the 2nd year we came back to work for the train, she lived at my parents house with me. That was the summer that Kyle and I got engaged and married, so she was with me through the whole experience. She even threw me my bridal shower! We have been the greatest of friends, but the sad thing is that we haven't seen each other since she was engaged, which we thought about and realized was over 3 years ago! Now, she is pregnant, and I've got 2 kids, so our lives have really changed but it's good to see that our friendship has stayed the same. It was so great to see her and I'm grateful we've been able to keep in touch through the years!