Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Techno Geek

I left the room for 2 seconds and when I came back to the kitchen, I found this. He is officially a a climber and he is in love with the computer. Every minute we turn our backs on him, he is up the chair trying to use the mouse or type away at something. We don't have anything to block him from it either because he'll just climb on whatever blockade we have in order to get his technology fix. Don't get me wrong, Kyle is loving that he can climb. Porter even has a wicked toe hook that he likes to do at our kitchen table, but we're just afraid our computer is going to have a meltdown due to tiny dexterous hands. Does anyone have any suggestions for alleviating this problem? If so, let me know!
He even likes finding our thumbdrive and searching for a place to stick it in. Normally it ends up in his mouth! Luckily he doesn't know how to take the cover off yet! Help!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Bloodgusher

I have been a little hesitant to announce this publicly on my blog for fear that I wouldn't actually go through with it and have to explain myself to the blogging world, but now is as good a time as any. I have been training for a Marathon. My friend Jenny, and I have been training and plan on traveling to Washington to do the Seattle Marathon. We are really excited/nervous about it. Right now is about our half way mark for training and there was a local 1/2 marathon called the Bloodgusher 1/2, so I decided to do it. It was yesterday and if I could use one word to describe it, it would be...windy. Midland is not known for it's rolling hills. In fact, we are known to have no hills for miles (You can see the airport from our house which is about 15 miles out of town). The race was right outside of town, so there was absolutely nothing blocking the horrible wind which we were running into. I couldn't even hear my music the wind was so loud! It was brutal, but I got my "2nd wind" so to speak on the way back, probably because I was going with the wind instead of against it. Anyway, long story short, I finished. I got my best time. On to the next race (In Seattle June 26th!). Kyle got this cheesy action shot. Obviously I don't look too awesome after 13 miles of running. I couldn't have done it without my cheerleading squad rooting me on!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brighton's Court

So the townhomes we live in are called Brighton Court and Brighton thinks it's the greatest because we live in "her court". It's been so nice out lately that we have been going on walks everyday and finally got a picture of her by her sign. Thought you would enjoy. Also thought you would enjoy the pic of hammy little B.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring has Sprung

So I guess the winter is over in Texas and it is finally spring time! Today it was 75 degrees outside and Brighton got a sunburned face! I'm not very used to this type of spring because that's a hot summer day in Alaska. But I am definitely not complaining. I'm excited for it! You can totally tell my kids are ready for it too because Brighton is exploring every new thing she can outside (thus, the fascination with finding ladybugs as seen below.) and Porter is running around in his diaper and refuses to let me get any pants on him. We've been able to go on walks, go to the park, and hang out basically anywhere that is not indoors. It has been our long awaited cure for cabin fever which we were all suffering from. The bug obsession begins

Pantless buddy

Pretty much, we think Texas springs are "Awesome" as Brighton is clearly stating!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Ballerina B

Whenever Wednesday rolls around Brighton's favorite question to ask me is "Is it time for ballet yet?" That right. Brighton fulfilled her long time dreams of going to dance class. I have to admit it is pretty cute to see all those little girls dressed up in leotards and ballet slippers. And Brighton loves practicing at home. If you ask her to do any of her moves, she's all over it. It's fun to see her grow, and become the little person she's becoming. As you can see, I think she's growing into a little dancer!