Monday, December 31, 2007

A long awaited update

Okay so the holiday seasons definitely aren't my forte when it comes to blogging, but here I am amidst the start of a new year to tell you all to have a happy one! I wanted to finally share a few things that have been going on these past few weeks. Well, Kyle finished his first semester of Nursing school with flying colors on the 15th and after that, we headed up to visit Kyle's family. It was so fun to meet little Timmy (Brighton's new cousin) who came into the world on Oct. 31. We went up to go to his baby blessing which was great to see Mike and Sarah and the whole Comin gang (Annie, Joe, Landon, Keri, Dan, Olivia, Will, Van, Wendy, Casey, Tyler, etc...) It was fun to see Kyle's cousins and a ton of family! We stayed at Kyle's parents house and it was nice to just relax after a long semester. We even met up with Kyle's old roomate Mike George and his wife Tiff and their little boy Braiden and caught up on life with them. It was great! Then on the 21st, we caravaned back to Cedar City with the Meegans and spent most of the Christmas weekend and Christmas with the Montoyas (Our Cedar Family). It was seriously the best to see everyone and have a Christmas at home! Brighton got to open presents at home and she finally started getting the hang of it which was fun. She got to open her Christmas pjs the night before so she looked extra Christmassy on the day of. Brighton thought Gracie was the coolest and they played together really well while we all visted for hours on end. We miss them already! Next, a day after the Meegans left, our great friends the Grahams stopped by while they were passing through and we all went out to eat. Kyle lived with Sterling Graham and his family in Alaska for a summer while he was in college so he's really close to his family and Sterling's parents even came to visit which was great. A few days after that, my Nana came to visit for the Holidays (New years and what-not) and is currently here entertaining Brighton. Brighton is in LOVE with her (as you can see from the pic) and we're having a great time! I haven't seen my Nana since I graduated from high school so it has been a desperately needed trip! My parents fly in on Thursday so we'll all be together and it is so exciting! Anyway, this has definitely been the break of many visits which doesn't seem to stop anytime soon, but we love the companyand fun!

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Very Late Thanksgiving

Oh my gosh! Can i just say that I'm the worst blogger of all time?! SO things have been kinda busy but my big excuse is that our computer has o much stuff on it that it is taking 2 years to do anything so it's almost impossible to post. I know I just need to clear everything off so I think that will be my Christmas project. Well, much has happened but I'll start off with a Thanksgiving update. We went to Kyle's mom's house (Grandma Kathy) and met up with his sister Keri and Brother-in-law Dan. They have Olivia who is 3 months younger than Brighton so they had a blast playing together. Dan brought his new gun so we all went shooting for a little while and it was fun (note my awesome stance as I fire it off.) After the Thanksgiving festivities were over, Keri and I went to Park City at midnight to hit all the sales. I know, we're crazy, but it was fun to hang out together and feel the excitement of the hunt! I found Brighton a winter jacket that was 70% off so that made me feel good. Then we went home and took a long nap.
AFter Kyle's Mom's house we stopped by his parents' house in Cedar Hills and spent the day watching the BYU/Utah football game and eating leftover thanksgiving goodies. We stayed the night at Tyler and Casey's (our brother and sister) throughout the trip and it Brighton was loving her life hanging out with her Aunt Casey and Uncle Ty. All-in all it was a super busy, but super fun trip! More on the recent happenings in our life soon!