Friday, January 30, 2009


Porter has not taken his fingers out of his mouth for the past week or so. He's constantly been drooling as well. So why do I have a 3 month old that has most of the teething signs? Isn't that a little early? I don't know what's up, but we're running out of dry onesies!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aunty Cyn

So my Aunty Cindy sent us a Christmas package a while ago (It was before Christmas, so quite a while ago!) and inside were the cutest little clothes for the kids! She may not know this, but The Children's Place is one of my favorite stores and they just happened to be from there! I decided to dress up the kids in their new apparel and snap a few shots for Aunty Cyn. Thanks again for the great stuff! We love and miss you!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Date Night

This past Tuesday, my sister-in-law Casey made Kyle and I go out by ourselves and have a date night. I have to say it was a breath of fresh air! It was such a nice treat to go and just hang out together without worrying about crying kids or dirty diapers. We were able to go to Olive Garden which is our fave so thanks again Aunt Casey for the babysitting and pushing us to spend time together!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Backtrack

My birthday was about a month ago and I've been meaning to post the events of the day but have just gotten around to doing now (Due to the lack of other events going on in our house. It's pretty boring here!). First off, Kyle and I were able to go to the St. George Temple together for the first time which was so nice. Casey and Ty watched the kids while we left. Then, we all went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant (My fave!) and after that, we went home and Kyle surprised me with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake which is the best cake in the world! And the best part was that Kyle got me a new camera! I opened up a big box that had this little homeade book with pics of Brighton and Porter in it and then he pulled out another box that had the camera oin it and said he took the pics of the kids with the new camera! I was really excited because our camera has been on its last leg for quite a while (Well, it just hasn't been up to my standards with a new baby in the house and wanting to take pics every second.) and I've been frustrated with it, so now I can take pics to my heart's content! Thanks babe for making my birthday the best!

Friday, January 09, 2009

3 months

Yesterday marked Porter's official 3 months since birth! I can't believe it's already been 3 months and I have to say honestly I can't believe I've been breastfeeding this long (Brighton was MUCH shorter). I know it sounds lame, but that's a big accomplishment for me. He's been such a sweet baby and taught me a lot so far (including patience) and I know there's only more learning to come. We love our little buddy!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mmm Bop Band

Brighton loves entertaining Porter and found that he loves it when she pretends to play the drums. I taught her how to play the horn with her hand and now we're called the "Mmm Bop Band". She chooses which instruments we each play and we go to town while Porter gigles up a storm on the side. Here we are with our horns jammin out. If you have a party, give us a call and book us today!
Here's just a cute pic of cute kids. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Porter's Blessing

We had an eventful weekend with the blessing of Porter on Sunday. Kyle's mom and sister and bro-in-law came down for the blessing and we spent a lot of family time together which is always fun. We also had a luncheon after the blessing and it was great to get together with family and friends for a last hurrah before Kyle started school today. Here's a recap in photos of the day:

The little man in his blessing outfit. More pics of the man.

Family pic..Don't you love Brighton's cheeseball face?

The gathering

Our great friend Emmi.

Mary Jo, Kate, and Kathy. We have great family!

Gotta love my sisters!

Kyle and his mom.
It was a really good weekend. We love spending time with our fam and friends and thank everyone for making the day so special!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Drastic Measures

I've been wanting to dye my hair dark for quite a while so in my stocking for Christmas this year, Kyle got me hair dye! He got me this black color which was a little too dark so I think I'll have my friend put a few dark brown highlights in it to make it look not so so drastic or goth, but we'll see. So here are the results to taking the plunge:

Before: Boring and Blah.

After: The Dark KnightWhat do you think? Be honest.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Lucy and Living Better

So Brighton recieved this little baby from her Aunt Cheryl for Christmas. She has loved her since the day they met and named her Lucy. Now Lucy and Brighton are inseparable. And she makes a great little mommy! She has such a blossoming personality! Speaking of personality, the other night after we said our prayers, Brighton says out of the blue to me, "Mom, Save money, live better. Walmart." How do you know if you go to the store too much? When your kid knows the slogan without any promptings. Embarrassing, but funny.