Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Disney World

While my family was here we decided to hit up the place that people live to go to their entire lives.  Growing up, my sister and I honestly never really had any desire to go to Disney World.  But now with kids of my own, I see the excitement it holds for young and old!  I think the most fun for me was seeing their faces when they spotted Merida from Brave or Buzz Lightyear.  Definitely worth a trip since we were already in Florida! 

Disclaimer: Brace yourself for picture overload! 

The one thing my mom wanted to do was go on the teacup ride with Brighton because she did that when she was little.

 Enjoying it's a small, small world

 Hiking through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

 2 weeks before we came, they opened a whole new section called Fantasyland.  It had a whole Beauty and the Beast attraction and a Little Mermaid section.  The kids recognized Gaston right away.

 Me and my Sweets

 Enjoying the character parade.  All the characters came out on floats and did a dance.  Brighton was satisfied after she saw all the Princesses and Porter was happy once he saw Flynn Rider.  

 Belle's Castle

 The end of a long, exciting day!

 Once it was dusk, another parade began and the castle lit up with sparkle lights.  It was actually breathtaking!

 Kyle was getting his groove on to the music of the band.  He must have gotten his 2nd wind!

 And this is what Porter looks like once he's hit a wall.  Needless to say he was done.

And the grand finale… On the way out, we got to meet the one who started it all, Mickey Mouse!  It made the day worth it for the kids!  They said they could go home and be happy after that!

We even jumped in for a shot and ended the day right!  All in all, it was quite the trip!  Not sure if we'll ever make it out here again so we enjoyed it to the fullest while we could!  I'm glad we were able to have such a special and memorable day with the kids and family!