Thursday, April 29, 2010

Double B-day

On Wednesday, April 29th, Brighton turned 4 years old! I can't believe where the time has gone! When Brighton has a birthday we call it double b-day because it's Brighton's Birthday. She gets a kick out of it. Anyway, the day was full of excitement and fun, she could hardly contain herself. First, for breakfast we had special green pancakes (her choice).
Then we had the last day of Preschool which was a little graduation. Brighton was actually happy when she walked down the aisle and recieved her 'diploma'.
And this was Brighton's preschool class. She's going to miss seeing these kids all the time!
Next we headed over to the mall for her big birthday present. She has been asking to get her ears pierced since Christmas so we thought that as a goal if she could write her name all by herself and read a small book by herself by her birthday, then she could get it done. We didn't think that she would be too ambitious to do those things, but the minute she heard the incentive, she was super studious. So it's been over a month since she's written her name and she can read 4 of the little readers we have for her. This day had been a long time coming! We dropped Porter off at a friend's house and had a special 'Brighton day' at the mall. First she got her ears pierced (the pictures I posted are obviously pre-piercing). She was brave, but getting that second ear done really freaked her out. Luckily, after it was over she looked in the mirror and was happy again. She definitely thought it was worth it, even though it hurt a little. The unsuspecting little girl.
She was even happy when they did the first one. I think it was the shock afterwards that took her over the edge for ear #2.
A cheesy shot of the super proud earring wearer.

Then we went out to eat together. She couldn't stop smiling and looking at herself in every reflection. Needless to say she was a happy girl with the decision she'd made. Then we got 'polka dot' ice cream (Dippin Dots)as a special treat and headed home.

Since that day was her special day, we even said she could stay up and watch a kids movie, but this is what ended up happening. I think all that fun in one day tuckered her out! So now you know the play-by-play of our Double B-day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rose Ceremony

Last Wednesday Brighton had her little recital for ballet. She was really excited for it, but when all the parents came in to watch, she clammed up and had to stand by the her dance teacher. Thank goodness she didn't have to get up and actually perform on a stage or anything! Anyway, even though she was super shy, she still looked super cute in her tutu and leotard. And at the end, the teacher gave each of the girls a rose for being in her class. Brighton was clearly excited about the rose.
Brighton and her BFF Kirsten Doing her moves
She enjoyed doing dance, but I think she's going to hang up her ballet slippers for now for some goggles and head to swimming lessons next! Wish her luck in the pool!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Night Moroni

Last Monday our stake asked everyone to do a special family night lesson about strengthening our families. Luckily Kyle dug up this little number that he had kept from his mission (cheesy I know, but the kids couldn't get enough). He was Capt. Moroni and he was protecting our familiy from the evils of the world. The next day Brighton found a sword (made out of a little golf club) and started fighting Porter. When I asked her to stop she informed me that she was protecting our family. I'm lucky to have a great husband who will do dorky things to make our kids (sort of)understand and love the gospel.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

He's got Balls

I never really understood the difference when it came to raising little girls versus little boys until Porter turned about a year old. He already knew how to throw (Brighton has yet to learn that skill) and he is much wilder than she ever could be. Girls must just be daintier. Another complete 'boyism' of his is that he is obsessed with balls. One of his first words was 'ball' and he hasn't stopped saying it since. He literally walks around with a ball in each hand. In fact, I caught him doing this the other day...

The only problem I see is which sport is he going to choose to play?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nursery Man

Can you tell someone was excited for his first day of nursery? And he did great! No tears(not even from mom)!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Festivities

The week before Easter it was my turn to teach preschool so we had a lot of fun as a class decorating rice crispy treat easter eggs, making milk carton bunny baskets, and having our very own easter egg hunt. Fun was had by all. here is the proof:The decorating of the rice crispies. I think they liked the frosting more than the crispy treat.
The proud owners of newly-made easter baskets.

Checking out the spoils after the hunt.

And since I'm kind of behind on the Easter updates, I'll just keep the ball rolling and continue on to easter egg coloring which is what we did as a family the night before easter (yes we are procrastinators). Here's some documentation on that:
The focused artist Painting her masterpiece
(with some of Daddy's help)

And then on Easter morning the kids were rewarded for such good behaviors through the candy highs of the previous week with... candy of course.
Porter couldn't stop shaking his eggs to make sure there was more candy in each one. He would have polished the whole basket off within minutes if we didn't pry it from his death grip. Now every time he sees an egg, he starts shaking his hands around. Let's hope he never gets ahold of a real one. Our house would be a mess. Brighton was just as excited to recieve all sorts of goodies from the big bunny. After all the excitement died down, we headed over to our friends house to watch General Conference, got spiritually (and physically) fed and had an enjoyable Easter Sabbath. We hope everyone out there had as good of an Easter as well!