Monday, August 31, 2009

We Tried

So I know I've been a terrible blogger, but my life has been too busy lately to even think about the computer. But I did want to mention at least one more thing that took place when my parents were here. Kyle and I did the YMCA triathlon! We've been training since we moved here (which is only a couple months but we thought why not!)and it turned out to be kinda fun! It was definitely long and arduous but we finished and that's all that matters right? And I think that this will be the beggining of more to come. We even got my dad to semi-agree to do one with us sometime soon! So I'm sure you're dying to see our lovely spandex-clad pictures and I won't leave you holding your breath any longer! Enjoy!
This is Kyle starting the last leg of the race. It was a 500 meter swim, 13 mile bike, and he's starting the 5k run portion.
Here I am looking like a goober trying to get off my bike and get ready to run.
This was when I crossed the finished line. You can see my obvious excitement and determination to finally be done!
The happy (and exhausted) family! We did it!Kyle was pleased to be done, as evident in the picture. Daddy and Porter finally relaxing in the car. To show their support, the kids wore their triathlon shirts that I made for them. Brighton was very proud.We even had some friends from our ward do it as well. Here are Erin, Sarah, and Jaimie with us. They did an awesome job! It was a fun time and I can honestly I would do it again! I guess we'll have to wait until next year or another one comes around sooner!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A little Putt Putt time

One day my parents were here we went putt putt golfing. Some friends gave Brighton a golf set for her birthday (Thanks Nikki!) and she has loved playing so to actually go to a place that had her size golf clubs and put the ball in the hole was pretty exciting to her. Although it was naptime by the end so she was getting to be quite a pill. But, all in all everyone enjoyed the time outside and loved playing th egreat game. I will add that I beat everyone, including my dad, which is a difficult task so I was pretty proud!Brighton concentrating with G'pops.
Kyle thought he could show Brighton some techniques. The lesson was in vain though because she went back to her old way of whacking the ball like she was using a baseball bat and baseball.
The face of a tired and cranky golfer.
There's never a sad moment when Porter's around.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Abilene Zoo

While my parents were here we drove out to the zoo. I've never seen Brighton so excited about animals before. It was sweltering but she could not get enough of the monkeys, zebras, and giraffes. The cool thing about the Abilene zoo is that you're able to feed most of the animals and they have a bridge over the giraffe's living space so you can reach high enough to feed the animals with ease. I took a video because Brighton finally got up the courage to feed them and it's entertaining. Even though it was a fun time, it was way too hot for any of us to enjoy more than an hour of animal fun so after our faces turned red and my mom almost passed out, we headed for the car. We'll definitely have to go back in the winter time when being outside doesn't make us want to throw up! For now, enjoy the pics!The crew finally finding some shadeG'Pops and Brighton just hangin outBrighton called this guy Marty from the movie MadagascarPorter was as happy as a clam just to be outside Brighton was super stoked to feed the giraffe (Melman from Madagascar, if you will) so here's a little show of her excitement.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Long awaited news

I know for all you Comin fam blog fans, this past month has been rough without any Comin news. The fact is, we've been so busy I haven't had a minute to sit down and post. So at long last, the famine is over and hopefully you're ready for a feast because a lot has been going on! From my parents coming, to training (and finishing) a triathlon, to moving across town, our month has been packed!

Let me first start with my parents coming because that was the highlight for all of us. They visited in the beginning of August and we had a lot of fun. Brighton was very entertained the entire time they were here because she had a buddy to color with her, style hair to, read books with, and just have fun with! We went to the zoo in Abilene, a Rockhounds baseball game, out to dinner a few times, and the pool a ton. It was a great time and we were sad to see them go, but we'll see them in November so we're counting down the days. Here are a few pics from the Rockhounds game. More posts will be forthcoming with all the juicy details of our many adventures from the past month!

Nana with Porter

G' pops and Oakey Doke