Saturday, December 08, 2012

Graham is one!

Like I previously stated, Graham turned one!  Unfortunately we had to celebrate a few weeks late because we moved on his birthday.  But we love him and wanted to make his day a little special.  I made a little monster cake because he has become our little monster but we love him!  And he loved the cake!  Here are a few things that Graham can do and loves at age one:

-Walk (He took his first steps the day after his birthday and he's been trying to catch up with Brighton and Porter ever since!)
-Say Dad and Mom
-He is our biggest snuggler and loves to give hugs and kisses
-He is obsessed with his blankie!  He walks around with it over his head and can't see where he's going.  He runs into walls and what not, but he thinks it's hilarious!
-He's daddy's right hand man.  I don't know what he'd do without daddy!
-He still has the best dimples and blue eyes around and we love him! 

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Clarissa Meegan said...

happy birthday grahm