Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

To say I've been slacking on the blog would be an understatement.  This traveling around the country every 3 months just caught up to me so I put our family journal on hold (and became best friends with instagram!) which was a bad idea because going through all these photos makes me realize how much I need to document the happenings of our fam!    So I figured in order to catch up on everything, I would break it down by month and start with November.  With the help of instagram, here's what's been going on:

Graham turned one!
We moved from Lubbock, TX to Tampa, FL (Now Kyle gets to live with US instead of a call room!)
We got to visit our close friends the Cummings in OK on the way to Florida
We discovered beaches!
Brighton started homeschool with me
Busch Gardens became our favorite hot spot
We wrote letters to Santa
Graham started walking and climbing on everything!

Packing/Moving is exhausting!

Happy Bday Graham!

We love the Cummings…and Krispy Kreme!

My sweets is such a trooper for manning the backseat on our 30 hour drive!

Welcome to Florida!

They love finding the creatures on the beach!  This is Hermione and Ron the hermit crabs

More beach time


Busch Gardens is the best place on earth!

'Dear Santa, I want a Brave Barbie doll for Christmas.  Love, Brighton'
 'Dear Santa, I want a rescue gun.  Love, Porter'

These two finally get to sleep in a real be instead of camp mattresses(Our Florida apartment is furnished!  Woo Hoo!) And this little man is getting into everything!

Okay, now that I'm semi-updated I will catch up on December soon! Or maybe even post some of the photo shoots of my kids I've been doing lately!  We'll see how ambitious I am!  But I promise I'm turning a new leaf!  Blogging world, I'm back! 

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I'm so excited to see you back!!