Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Smokin' Fathers Day

I know I already explained our little Fathers Day stumble, but that was just the morning time. That evening we turned up the heat on our day. And when I say 'turned up the heat' I mean it literally. We barbequed for Fathers Day dinner and Kyle being the manly man he is, wanted to do all the grilling (I know I'm like the worst wife for letting him make his own dinner, but he wanted to! Besides, he's much better at it.). So we had these amazing ribs. It was a delicious meal and a nice end to a special day. Well, as we were putting the kids to bed, we smelled something smoking. Kyle could have sworn it was neighbors roasting marshmallows. I wasn't convinced. So after the kids went down, we came back downstairs to check on the grill. Turns out it had been on the whole time! We had eaten dinner, bathed and read with the kids and now finally we came down to find it still on! So we immediately turned it off, but the wall behind it had become slightly discolored so we felt it and it was piping hot! We put the hose on it for a few hours and thought that it was just a close call so we went to bed. The next morning our house was filled with a hazy-type smoke and we all had headaches. Kyle went down to check on the grill spot and it was still pretty hot! So he started with the hose again, but living in the flattest place in the world, the water immediately ran out of our backyard to the back alley. Our maintenance man hopped the fence to see where all the water was coming from and we told him what happened. Within 2 minutes of hearing our story and feeling the wall he did this to it:

He took a sledge hammer and went to town. We couldn't believe it! It was all charred and black on the inside. Then he had to call the fire department to make sure there was no other damage anywhere else in the house. So an actual fire truck came to our house! I seriuosly could not believe this was happening to us! It was crazy!

In the Comin household, we don't wait for a measly school field trip to see a fire truck. We let one come to us!

The firemen were super friendly and made sure the kids got to touch and play with anything they wanted to in the truck. Although they were a little apprehensive due to unfamiliar territory, they managed to let mom take a few pictures to remember this crazy day.

...So, as we were playing in the truck, the 4 firemen (yes, 4 were scouring our house to make sure it was safe.) were stumped as to how it happened because, to be honest, the grill was not very close to the wall so it really shouldn't have done that. They had to call a fire investigator (who knew they exist?)to come out and "solve the mystery". He deals with arson crimes and wire a gun so he was pretty official. Anyway, he told us the way our apartments are set up, the awning over the grill area just holds the heat in and doesn't let it escape so the only place for it to go was inside the wall. Mystery solved, case closed.
The official Fire Marshall car

In all seriousness, we were all okay and nobody was hurt which is so fortunate because something worse could have happened. We feel a lot more educated on the matter as well, so when you're grilling, be careful!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Father's Day Fiasco

We started our Father's Day like any other normal family would, with the kids waking kyle up with presents and squealing with excitement as he opened them up. Then we all got ready and went to church. Every year the primary children in church are supposed to get up on the stand and sing a song or 2 to their daddys. This happens on Mother's Day as well, but Brighton was too scared to go up in May. We've been talking about her walking up with all the other children and she's been really excited about singing all week. Up until the second they called the kids up, she was happy, but the instant it was her job to walk up there and sing to dad, she froze like a popsicle. Finally, the music teacher took her hand and helped her get onto the stand. I thought that once the songs started she'd be fine and sing. Not the case. She kept taking deep breaths to keep from crying(a trick her mom has had to teach her in possible meltdown situations) and made it through the first song without any tears(although there were no words from the song out of her mouth either). Maybe it was the fact that she had to stay up there for one more song, but when that second daddy song started playing, she completely lost it! She had her little turtle beak out and she was sucking air as hard as she could! Tears were just streaming down her face and there was nothing I could do! Luckily it was a low sob so it didn't hinder the song, although everyone and their dog were staring at her and her super sad little face. Sadly, most people (including myself I'm sorry to say)thought it was pretty funny and couldn't help but laugh. I had a lot of mixed emotions. I was basically mortified because she made a complete spectacle out of herself and I was laughing at my little girl(great parenting skills, right?). I was also feeling super sad for her because of this debilitating anxiety that she has that we somehow have to work on. In those few minutes that she was up there, I was on the verge of tears and giggling in my seat all at the same time. And I felt helpless. I couldn't do anything for her and she was struggling. I wonder if that's how our Heavenly Father feels about us when we struggle and don't ask for his help. On this Father's Day I just wanted to say that I'm grateful for all the fathers in my life. Kyle, my dad, and especially my Heavenly Father. They're there for me when I have hardships and need them, and they love me unconditionally. I hope we can all remember the important dads in our lives today and let them know how important they are to us. Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Little Fish

For the past 2 weeks, Brighton has been taking swimming lessons. At first I was a little leary because she's already kind of prone to not taking risks and has been nervous in the water for a while so I thought it would be a waste, but after the first week she was going under all by herself! Now she begs us to go to the pool everyday (Which we can't argue with because it's like 100 degrees here.). Anyway, we are loving the new confidence our little fish has gotten through swim lessons. Thank you Ms. Ashley for all the help!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

He Tried

So we've got to play a little more catch up concerning our Memorial Day Weekend. The big thing that Kyle did over that weekend was complete his 2nd triathlon! It was called the Cap Tex Tri (Capital City Triathlon) and he did a great job. We are so proud of him and all had a great time cheering him on throughout the course. I thought since we saw him through most of it, I'd give you a play-by-play.
First, we all had to leave bright and early at 6:30am to get all of Kyle's gear to the transition area before it closed for the race. Only athletes were allowed past a certain point, so we saw him getting ready from a distance.

Next, we had to wait until 9:50 which was when his age group started in the water(Who were the 30-34 year olds. He was bummed to be in that category because he felt old, but his birthday was a week away so they made him). The kids were loving being with daddy in his tri suit until he had to go get into the water.

Here are all the heads bobbing out of the lake. I think I see Kyle's little red cap in the distance, but who can be sure?

Next on to the transition area where he had to race to his bike, gear up, and carbo-load for the cycling portion.

Kyle really felt like he hit his stride during the bike section. He knocked off 20 minutes of bike time from his last tri! (It didn't hurt that he had a way better bike this time either!)

During some down time, Little B was feeling super photogenic so I capitalized on that. She was so proud of the sign we made, she carried it around the whole time and told everyone what it said. When she would see Kyle, she would hold it up as high as she could and chant "My Daddy Tris!" It was super fun to have her there and cheer him on.

Kyle finally saw us and his sign and decided to wave. That was a mistake because the kids were so excited their dad saw them, they (namely Porter) decided to follow him and run along side of him about a quarter of a mile. The kid is tiny, but lightning quick. By the time I got all our bags picked up to go catch up, he was out of sight. A second later, after he realized all these other runners were passing him, and they weren't his dad, he bolted back to me. Thank goodness! I guess he just needed some daddy time for a minute!

Kyle made it across the finish line and we couldn't be happier! (Or more eager to get out of the deathly heat!)

We had to capture one family shot which Porter couldn't stay awake for (I think it was all the running!)

We finally loaded up the car and headed home after one last picture of the manly man and his little sweets beaming with pride.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Guess who turned 30 today? This guy!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Well, I haven't been the greatest updater lately because we have been kind of busy. Memorial weekend was a whirlwind of a trip to Austin! We've never been there and Kyle had something important to do there (further posts will explain) so we thought we should make a weekend of it. And we were so lucky to have our best friends come and play with us there! The Meegans came down from Dallas to visit and it was so great to see them. All the kids got along so Clarissa and I had time to chat it up (which happens to be our favorite thing to do when we get together!). We also got to see our great friends from our Idaho days, the Ottleys. They were great and it was so fun catching up (sadly, I left my camera at the hotel the whole time we saw the Otts.)
Even though we were only there for a weekend, we tried to squeeze in as many things to do as possible, one of those things being the bat bridge. There is this vehicle bridge that goes over a lake in downtown Austin (I know, you're thinking "There is a lake in the city?!" It was an amazing city!)where thousands of bats live and they supposedly come out every night during dusk to go catch bugs and what-not and give the people a spectacular show. Now I say 'supposedly' because we were all sitting under that bridge for close to 2 hours and didn't see one bat. It was the first night we were in Austin and all the kids were worn out so we decided to bag it and head for our hotel before the bats came out. So the next night, after all of our friends left to go back home, we thought we would give it a second try. The kids had taken naps, we were rested, and we thought for sure they would be out the next night. Well, we waited and waited... and waited and nothing happened. It got really dark out and suddenly Kyle goes "There they are!" I turned to look and saw nothing. I seriously thought he was pulling a prank on me until I caught a tiny flutter of wings with my eye. If you blinked you would miss it. And to be honest, it wouldn't have been that bad to have missed it. All that trouble for a little wing flutter. Oh well, it made for a good story. Anyway, it was a fun trip and I'm so glad we've got great friends who will travel far and wide to see us! Thanks guys! More trip posts to follow! Brighton had the best time with Gracie and Alli. She already misses them!

Isn't Miles the squishiest, cutest little baby ever?!

And this is what eventually happened to little mister thank goodness!

Brighton and Kyle heading out for round 2.

If you look closely to where the arrow is pointing, you can see the flutter like I did. Awesome right?!