Monday, February 23, 2009

AF Trip

So I've been in a bit of a rut and haven't gotten around to posting for a little while so, I'm sorry to all my avid readers. Anyway, Brighton, Porter, and I went up to American Fork with Casey (Sister-in-law) for a few weeks. We were able to stay at Casey's sister-in-law, Abby and her husband Tylor which was great! They were great hosts and we had a lot of fun getting to know them. Brighton was obsessed with Abby. B was her little buddy while we were there. It was pretty fun and there were plenty of things to do there. We went to the new Draper Temple Open House and Brighton loved it. The whole time we went through, she kept saying "Mom, I'm going to get married here!" Loved it. Here is a pic of me with the kids in the chapel next to the temple where they had a whole art gallery set up. Here's Abby with Brighton on our bus ride to the temple. Brighton was seriously her shadow the whole time. Also, we were up there for Valentine's Day and Kyle surprised us by having Casey take us to Krispy Kreme (My favorite place in the WORLD!) Brighton got a special heart donut from daddy and thought it was the coolest. She also loved watching the conveyer belt take the donuts around. As you can see below, we stuffed our faces!

We also got to hang out with lots of family including Landon, Annie, and Uncle Will. We went to an indoor water park which Brighton thought was pretty fun. Keri, Dan and Livi came to visit as well, which was so good to see them right before their new baby is due, and Brighton loved having a little girl (Livi) to play with.
We also got to see a lot of cousins we normally don't see. Here's a pic of Grandma and Grandpa with lots of the grandkids at Zachary's blessing. From left to right there's Camberly holding Porter, Brighton and Alexandria on Grandpa's lap. Alea next to Grandpa, then Grandma holding Zachary and Jacob. The blessing was great and it good to see Marshall, Melissa (who have lived in England for the last 3-4 years) and their kids, and Val and Alexandria (who just moved to Virginia). It's not often that we see everyone so it was a real treat to have everyone together. We miss everyone already!

It was a fun trip and really enjoyable to visit family and friends, but it's good to get back to normal life and get my kids back on a schedule!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where We Were

So we've been up in Salt Lake City with my sister-in-law for a little over 2 weeks and we did quite a few things that will be explained soon. So we're not dead just so you know. I just wanted to give you a little preview of the kids and their endeavors, so here you go.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Family Fort Time

I don't know if anyone has ever read "If You Give a Pig a Party" before, but Brighton is in love with this book and in the book, the pig makes a fort with all her friends. Well, Brighton has been dying to make a fort lately because of this book and this weekend we finally did it! She thought it was the coolest thing and brought all her library books in it and read for hours. She even wanted Porter to come in and join the fun! It made for a fun little family time!