Monday, July 31, 2006

True Blue Alaskans

Saturday was an eventful day for the Comin family! We decided to go hiking along the inlet coast in Anchorage with Kirsten and Aaron Henshied (Kirsten is an old roommate and they are staying here for the summer). Along the coast are mountains where dall sheep usually reside. That's where we went hiking. We stopped when we saw a ton of them and they were actually on the trail with us! We have the pictures to prove it! We got so close it was unbelievable!! So we trucked on into the wilderness and it was a gorgeous hike. About half an hour into the woods, Aaron was taking the lead and all of a sudden he yells, "Hey bear! Hey bear!" There was a black bear about 10 feet away from us right off the trail!! Thank goodness baby was with Kyle in the back. We slowly walked backward and made our way to the car. It was a little nerve-wrecking, but we all made it home safely thank goodness. So now we can say baby is a true Alaskan and has had her first outdoor adventure!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Playing Footsie

Today Brighton found her feet! She grabbed them and didn't let them go all day! She flexed those little toes and loved her life. Also, she found her fist and concentrated on that when she wasn't working with her toesies. We love her! She's growing so fast! I wish she'd slow down! Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Daddy/Daughter Love

Hello all!
Hope everyone is doing well! We are having fun playing with Brighton! She's getting such a personality! She loves it when Kyle holds her by the ankles and she dangles! You can see her confused look in the picture. Brighton really loves her dad as you can see from the pics. Whether it's hanging out on the roof with him or hanging upside down, she's always giggling with her pops. She is smiling and laughing all the time. We love it! Last weekend we took her to her first Parade. Every year in Eagle River there is what is called the Bear Paw Festival and they have a parade so we decided to partake of the festivities!! It was rainy but a blast! It was fun to see my old cheerleading squad walking in the parade. It brought back so many memories! Anyway , it was a fun time and we've been loving our lives here!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Brainy Baby

Brighton is a bundle of joy! She has started smiling like crazy! She loves to take mom's glasses off. She's gaining so many motor skills with her hands and feet. She's always kicking like crazy and started grabbing things (namely my glasses!). The other day she even rolled over! I think she didn't realize what she was doing because she hasn't done it since. She's growing like crazy! Well, Kyle is still loving his job but he barely gets any time off. It keeps him very busy! Last weekend on his day off, we were able to clean the temple which was a neat experience. Well, we are loving our life in AK!! Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hello All!!

Hello everyone!
We just wanted to say hi to everyone out there and let them know that we're doing well up in Alaska. Kyle is enjoying his job and we are loving the benefits of being able to use the gym. Brighton is getting bigger than ever and we are loving seeing her grow. She started laughing and smiling on command which is so fun. She is the biggest talker ever as well!! She cooes up a storm and loves mimicking the sounds we make to her!! And she has the hugest melon!! She's gained 3 pounds since she was born and I think it's all in her head. We thought we'd share some pics of her wearing the hat her aunt Sarah (my sister) made for her that was too small. It really emphasizes the vastness of her noggin. Well, we are loving having her around and being a little family so much! Well, we'll keep you posted on our AK life along with pictures to boot!! Hope all is well with everyone.