Friday, July 22, 2011


Do you ever just eavesdrop on your kids? Maybe I'm a bad mom for doing it and I'm sure my kids will HATE it when I do it in their adolescent years, but I love listening to their little conversations. For example, the other day I could hear them in Brighton's room when she said, "It goes like this Porter.... I'd like to bear my testimony"
Then you could hear Porter's little voice say "Testimony."
Brighton starts again, "I know the church is true."
Porter says, "Church is true."
Brighton goes on, "I know that we can live with Heavenly Father again if we make good choices."
P says, "Good choices."
B says, "I know we can be sealed to our families and live with them forever in the temple."
P says, "Ever in the temple."
B says, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
P says, "Amen."
Then Brighton goes on to tell Porter that he can go sit down now. After this interaction, I looked in her room and saw all of her stuffed animals sitting lined up on her bed next to an observant-looking Porter while she was standing up in front of them about to give them her testimony. She had recreated a testimony meeting. I honestly almost burst into tears, it was such a sweet little moment. I guess she does pay attention at church sometimes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mr. Safety

My parents got Porter this tool set a while back and he liked playing with the drill and saw for a while, but got bored and hasn't really played with them for some time. Well, he found the safety goggles that came with the set about a month ago and love, love, loves them. He can't go anywhere without wearing his "safety gogs" we like to call them. He has to wear them to the grocery store, story time, even to the doctor. And I don't just mean he has to take them with him everywhere. I mean they are on his face from the minute we get into the car, to the minute we get home, at which point he still keeps them on. It's the end of the world if he forgets them so it's like putting on your shoes in a regular household. 'Left shoe, check. Right shoe, check. Safety gogs, check.' People laugh at him wherever we go. I laugh at him wherever we go. And this little quirk really epitomizes his personality. He always has to be the funny man, making everybody around him giggle. How could you not smile at a face like that?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sacred Sundays

Sundays are a special day for us. Not only because we get to go to church, but also because it's the only day Kyle sets aside the books and spends time with the family. The kids eat it up. They ask me every morning throughout the week, "Is it Sunday yet mom? Do we get to hang out with dad yet?" we normally do our Family Home Evenings on Sundays so we can have the whole fam together while we're doing it so this last Sunday we decided to check out a place called Sahuaro Ranch Park. The place is this historic ranch that normally has tours and what-not during the day, but we just walked around and found some cool places to take pictures (You know I can't go anywhere without lugging my giant camera around in case there is a photo op.). We even found the wildlife on the ranch that still comes around... Peacocks. The ranch isn't functioning anymore but for some reason there are peacocks all over the grounds that the parks department feed. Anyway, we relish in the time we get to spend with dad and were glad he spent the evening with us at Sahuaro. We just love Sundays!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 4th on the 6th

On the 4th of July, the husbands had the day off of school, so naturally we had to celebrate. Our friends who are also in the CRNA program came over and we had a little bbq. After that we headed to the Peoria Sports Complex, which is where the Mariners and Padres have their spring training, and we played/danced to the music until the fireworks show started. It was a great show, and a great day to celebrate and it helped me remember how grateful I am for my freedoms. Happy 4th!