Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a Downer

Absolutely nothing new going on with us. My trip to Ogden to see Clarissa got cancelled so I'm pretty bummed about that. Other than that, no eventful occurences. Brighton loves wearing these goggles around the house and I think she looks like a goof with them. We've been pretty stir-crazy with the winter lately and have been dying to go out (thus the crazy apparel and me actually allowing the crazy apparel at all times of the day). It's been very miserable. Sorry for the downer of a post. Hope it's going well in other people's necks of the woods.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Big Foot

Lately, little Miss Personality has decided that dress up is her new favorite thing. I won't hear her for a while only to find out she's been hiding in my closet, trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with her outfit. Then she'll come out of my room wearing my high heels or anything with a resembles a dressy shoe. The sad thing is she's practically better than I am at walking in the heels! She diligently seeks out mommy's shoes because apparently she feels grown up wearing them. Can I just tell her to slow down?! She's growing up WAY too fast! Anyway, that's the fun and new little thing in the Comin household. Don't be surprised if you see pictures of our little big foot in the future (Note: If you haven't already noticed, the previous post shows her wearing my black church shoes. I believe this is the beiginning of a shoe fetish passed on from her mother!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Pink Elmo

For Christmas, my grandparents sent the classic Tickle Me Elmo and this cute shirt that makes Brighton look like a pink Elmo. Elmo is about as big as her but it is her favorite new toy to carry around. She will put it in her new baby stroller (That my parents gave to her) and drive that thing around for hours. And the minute she opened the package with this shirt inside, she was trying to put it on all by herself! She hasn't stopped wearing it since. Anway, she has been having family withdrawals since my parents and Nana left, so Elmo is a great new companion. Thanks Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Hotchkiss!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday G Pops!!!

Things have really died down here. Nothing too big to report except that Brighton really wanted to wish her G Pops a very Happy Birthday! Happy B-day dad! We hope you have a good one! We miss you already!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cedar Visitors

These past 2 weeks we've had some very special guests at our house. First, my Nana (Brighton's great-nana) visited us for New Years and a fews days after. It was fun for Kyle and Brighton to finally meet her. Brighton was instantly in love with her. We had a great time going to the local museum, visiting Zion National Park, and just hanging around watching movies. It was a long overdue visit and we're glad we got to be together. We even got to try some of Nana's famous spaghetti sauce which was delish!

After a few days, my parents came to visit from Alaska and we had a blast hanging out. We planned on going skiiing and the pic above looks like we had a great time, but in actuality, there was only like one lift open due to windiness and we found that out after we got on all our gear and went to go get our lift tickets. So we ended up turning around and going home, but I guess it made for a good photo shoot. We also took them to Zion's which was gorgeous. We even went on a little winter hike around the canyon. It was great! Anyway, after a tearful goodbye,they left us yesterday night and we are all a little lonely. We'll just have to use our new webcam like crazy I guess!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yummy Bath Wigs

So Brighton recieved Bubble bath in her stocking for Christmas and now there is no going back to ordinary baths! She loves the stuff! The feel, the taste, etc... (Yes, I said taste and we are frantically trying to ween her off of suds but she just can't get enough!) Kyle's new favorite pasttime is to make bubble wigs for lil B' which she in turn loves to show off for the camera! Anyway, she's having a blast and we're just grateful bathtime is still a fun time for her!