Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homecoming Drama

Sorry about the hiatus, but we've had a rough few days! First off, on Friday our adopted family in Cedar, the Montoyas (Pat Meegan's mom) let us know that Bubs (or Julie) was on Homecoming royalty at Canyon View High school! Well we couldn't miss out on seeing Bubs in an evening gown (which she looked gorgeous in by the way!) so we went to the football game and cheered her on while she drove around the track in the back of a truck (They were going to have a helicopter land on the field and drop them off, but it didn't work out. Can you believe that?!). Bubs had the whole Miss America wave down, although I think she was being a little mocking, which sounds more like Bubs than a beauty queen. Anyway, she's the beaming beauty to the left of the pirate in the pic above. My camera was acting up so that was the best shot I got. It was also Brighton's first football game so we had to document that with her daddy as you'll notice above.
Then, after the game we brought Brighton home and to bed, but she woke up at 11:00pm which was out of character and she was burning up. We gave her medicine and she slept throught thenight, but the next morning she had a temp of 104 so we started doing everything we could think of bring it down, but to no avail. She was miserable all day and just wanted to be held, wanted her blanket, or wanted to sleep all day long. Sunday wasn't much better. By the evening time her temp peaked at 105. We were frantic. So we called Kyle's brother who has been through medical school and he diagnosed it to be Rosiola. He said that we just needed to get the fever down in any way and that she should be getting a rash all over her body. We finally got the fever down and sure enough, she got a rash. She's doing much better now and the only sign of the sickness is the rash (which is not contagious anymore! whew!). She seems to be our bright little Brighton again which is a relief for us! So anyway, this weekend we had a little homecoming and a little drama, but thankfully they weren't in the same category!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PB - J

Brighton's new obsession is Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches. About a week ago she figured out how to peel apart the bread (which you'll notice her doing in a pic) and eating the side she likes the best. Well I personally thought that any toddler would die over the sweet jelly half and toss the PB. Brighton is a rare case, so when I found her other half of the sandwich that she had so conviniently tossed on the floor, it was the jelly side! What baby chooses Peanut Butter over jelly?! Anyway, we've altered her diet to PB sandwiches minus the J. I figure it's healthier for her anyway! But should I worry about her diet when she has 3 in one day? Oh well. I should be happy she's eating at all! So I should revise my first sentence by saying Brighton is obsessed with PB sandwiches. She has even started saying it! One of the few words (She can now say 'keys' and 'amen' on command) and it turns out to be PB! My kid is random!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Southern Spirit

We have a neighbor who is super nice and sweet and her name is Ashley. She would always wear SUU soccer apparel and we finally deduced that she was on the SUU soccer team. It is pretty cool to have a collegiate athlete in our midst here in Cedar! And Brighton loves her and her husband because they have a puppy! Anyway, on Thursday, the soccer team had their first home game and we decided to show our school spirit by attending. We all sported our school colors (Red and white) and Brighton even had a headband to match! Needless to say we had a great time and the girls played great! We forgot to bring the camera to the game, but here are a couple shots of us getting reasy to supprt our T-Birds!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


If you look carefully, you can see the monumental achievement in Brighton's world to date: She can wear pigtails! Of course you can't see the pigs from the front because they only encompass her mullet, but it definitely made her look like a little girl on Sunday! She's growing so quick that we want it to slow down (except for maybe her hair. She can totally speed up that process and I'd be elated!)!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A & B Kisses

Just a quick post before bed! Two weekends ago when the Meegs were visiting, Little B was loving giving little A kisses! She thought it was hilarious when Alli's hair would tickle her face! I guess she's not used to having that much hair so she thought it was great! Anyway, I couldn't resist posting these pics even if they didn't do the moment justice!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

What a Croc!

The other day we found this pair of Crocs at Payless and we couldn't resist! They are the tiniest one I've ever seen and Brighton looked super cute in them! So we splurged and now Brighton is loving her life every time she wears them. She can be running around buck naked but insist that she wears the crocs! She thinks she is so cool with them on! It's pretty hilarious! Other than our new purchase, our lives are settling down and not much is going on. Thank goodness for that!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A very long update

Okay so I'm going to back track by a few weeks and give the deets of our recent trip/move to UT. Brace yourself for a long blog. First off we got to Utah on August 7th and hung out with Kyle's fam which included Kyle's sisters Annie and Keri (along with their husbands Joe and Dan)and Brighton's cousins Landon and Olivia. All 3 of the cousins were born within 6 months so it's always so fun to have them together and see them interact! It's always so great to be with Kyle's sisters as well because they are some of my closest friends and I love spending time with them. So it was a great few days (mingled with some car troubles but that's over with so no worries). And p.s. Olivia doesn't walk but she scoots so one day she scooted right up to Landon and gave him a big hug! It was so cute we had to document it, even though it wasn't the greatest of pics (seen above).

Then we headed up to Ogden for a few days to visit our friends the Meegans (who we've seen since then, but I thought I'd give the play-by-play basically for my benefit). We had an awesome time because we hadn't seen them for over a year and desperately missed them. So Kyle and Pat did some climbing while Clarissa and I hung out with the kids and talked and talked for hours. It never fails when we get together, we never run out of things to say and I love it! So we had a blast there and Clarissa even took us to the Children's museum in their town which was amazing as you can see. Anyway we had a ton of fun with them and love the fact that we live closer to them!

Oh and we even got to see our friends Paul and Michelle Ottley and meet their little girl Abby who's 3 months younger than Brighton but much bigger! It was fun to see them because we haven't seen them in forever either!

Okay so after that, we finally moved down to Cedar City where we currently reside! A few days after we arrived we had a little family get-together with some of Kyle's siblings so it was a lot of fun to have Casey, Tyler, Annie, Joe, and Landon at our house! We went hiking and saw the sights of Cedar (which we weren't familiar with yet!).

All-in-all it was a really fun and busy few weeks and now we are settling in to school and life again and wanted to thank everyone who made our transition here so easy and say thanks to everyone who visited us or who we visited because we had a blast! whew! Long blog! Sorry!

Monday, September 03, 2007

What a weekend!

Okay so we finally have the internet at our house and we're able to post pics and get back to life being a little more calm so I'm fully back! Hooray! I was going a little crazy there without the world wide web at my finger tips! (cheesy I know!) Anyway, a TON has gone on since the last post and I've taken about a thousand and one pics so I'll update everyone on the dealings of the Comin clan when I have time, but I just wanted to let you all know about the greatest weekend I had really quick! Our best friends in the world came and visited us and we had a blast! Clarissa, Pat, Gracie, and Alli Meegan all came to see us (along with their family who conviniently lives here too!) and it was such a fun time! First, as you can see from the smiles above, Clariss and I went to see a Shakespearean play entitled "Twelfth Night" at the Utah Shakespeare Festival which was great and so fun to have a girls day out (we both didn't know what to do with ourselves without having a child on the hip!). The next day we had Sunday dinner over at the Montoyas (Pat's mom) and it was really great getting to know their fam. Then today we all went bouldering up at this place called "The Wash". Everyone came along including the babies so it was quite an event (And hopefully with pics forthcoming)! We always reminisce about the good old times we had staying up late and hanging out with the Meegans in Rexburg and it honestly felt like those times again this weekend. We could just sit around the table and talk for hours and love our lives when we're with them so it was one of the better weekends we've had in a while. We just wanted to say thanks so much Meegs for driving all this way to see us because we loved it and we couldn't ask for better friends!