Saturday, October 28, 2006

Swimming Sensations

About a week or so ago, Brighton and I went to the Alaska Club where Kyle works and decided to go on our first swim together! She really didn't know what to think of the water in the beginning, but she eventually got the hang of it and started splashing around a little. It was great fun! We are trying to make it a habit of going and getting a little exercise throughout the week, but it's tough to drive all the way out to Kyle's club. Although it does break up the week and I want Brighton to love the water, so it helps. Well, she's getting to be as fun as ever and starting to be able to do crazy little stuff! We love her! She's a hoot! Hope everyone's doing well!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feeding Frenzie

So I've been putting off feeding Brighton any solid food yet because she has had bowel movement problems and I didn't want to risk any stoppage of the poop flow, but a few days ago I finally tried the rice cereal and it was a hit! Brighton is still getting the hang of using her tongue and ends up getting more on her face than in her face, but it makes for a good time. She definitely loves eating it, whether she likes the taste or not. It's something new and different for her to do and her independence is starting to shine through because she already tries to grab for the spoon herself (mainly just to figure out what it is). By the end of feeding time, she finally finds the bowl that I've been hiding from her and becomes more interested in playing with that than eating what's inside, so it's a lost cause by then. She's a hoot and gains more of her own little attitude everyday.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Working Women

So today was my first day substitute teaching! I signed up to do it for the school year in the Anchorage school district area since we'll be here in Alaska for that time period and Kyle is working evenings. When time overlaps and we both have to work, it's nice to have grandma and grandpa here to be happy to take her!
Well, subbing was a fun experience and it's definitely different than student teaching! It was nice to get back in the schools again. The crazy thing is that I subbed at the brand new school in Eagle River and half of my teachers from high school work there so it was like dejavue. I actually subbed for a teacher I knew in elementary school! It was a humbling and surreal experience. Well life is good and busy here and we love it! Oh and here's a couple pictures of Brighton in her element. Thought you might like them! She's working the camera like I was working the students today! Hope everyone is doing well!